iPhone 12 Mini Review


That s always the response of many friends and family members when presented with the iPhone 12 mini; they just can’t process how small this sleek little device really is. They did not know that smartphones could be that small anymore; either. Truthfully, though, did not any of us think that the release of the iPhone 12 would spark such a massive consumer base. Today, more people are buying iPhones than ever before.

Even though the iPhone 12 Mini is considerably smaller than the average smartphone, it certainly packs a lot of features into its otherwise small body. For example, the iPhone 12’s power and volume buttons are located on the top of the unit, making it very easy to use. In fact, you’ll actually find some of the buttons on the iPhone 12 too close to the touch sensitive displays on the home button, something that some users have commented on. On the other hand, Apple is also including a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 12, which will allow you to log on to your apple account without having to type in a password. The fingerprint scanner, however, needs to be paired with an iPhone for it to work.

The iPhone 12 mini is available in two color schemes, either black or grey. Although it is slightly bigger than the average smartphone, it doesn’t seem to make a significant difference. If anything, the extra size makes the device feel more substantial. It isn’t as slippery as many of the slim phones from Apple, but it isn’t as hard to hold either. For a smartphone that is only marginally larger than the average cell phone, the iPhone 12 Mini certainly feels like it should fit in the palm of your hand. iphone 12 mini

Apple includes free shipping with the purchase of the iPhone 12 Mini in either silver or gold. If you are interested in using it right away, then this could definitely be a good choice, especially if you don’t mind paying a few dollars extra for the special deal. But even if you aren’t going to use it right away, you may still want to consider the free gift with your purchase, as this will help you to pay for the device over time.

Compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone 12 Mini offers almost the same number of features. However, the Plus version offers a few features that the Mini does not, such as a larger display and better sound. The iPhone 12 also has a built-in flash drive, although most users do not find this to be very useful. As for the iPhone’s software experience, it is nearly the same as that of the Plus, with a few additions here and there. If you enjoy downloading music, movies, or whatever your heart desires, then the software will make it easier than ever to do so.

If you are looking for a nice small phone, but would like to have a bit more power than you get from the iPhone, then you should really consider purchasing the iPhone 12 Mini. With its compact size and wireless charging abilities, it is perfect for those who need to use their phone while they’re on the go. The cost is certainly affordable, but you do have to consider what else is available on the market. While it does fall short of the bigger iPhone, it is a great choice for those who want extra power.


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